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WEHR Conducts Fruitful Wellness Promotion 2023

Women’s Educational and Healing Retreat Inc. (WEHR), founded by Pastor Emerita Copeland, conducted two immensely impactful March initiatives.

During the fourth weekend of the month, spiritual, emotional and physical wellness was promoted on the grounds of our church.

The weekend was spearheaded by When Life Hurts, a gathering tailored specifically for ages 12 to 18. The two-day agenda, from March 24th to 25th, included engaging fellowship, informative sessions, breakout groups and an enlightening panel discussion.

Friday evening’s opening seminar, led by Elders Curtis and Denise Campbell, set the tone for the rest of the weekend. They sparked a conversation concerning life’s trials and how to practically navigate adversity.

The tagline for the discussion was, “When life hurts, get up and live.”

Though slightly hesitant to vulnerability, many of the students in the sanctuary began to share pieces of their story one by one. From battling with grief, to feeling misunderstood by family members, to mental exhaustion, many struggles were present in the crowd.

When Life Hurts was truly an avenue for students to increase their emotional maturity. They returned to their homes, schools and communities better equipped to wisely conquer adversity.

The ministry continued on Sunday afternoon, where over 100 health-related vendors set up tents in the church parking lot. The Black Heart Association, United Healthcare and the Texas Organ Sharing Alliance were amongst those present. Mammograms, vitamin B12 shots and blood donations were also available to the public.

With over 350 registrations and an abundance of God’s grace, the Wellness Promotion was a sure success.

Tiffany Cross, the 2023 Wellness Promotion Liaison, said she thanked the Lord for such a phenomenal turnout.

“It was exceedingly abundantly above all I could ask or think,” Cross said. “Many of the people said this was such a blessing. They were calling and telling other people to come, and I’m thankful for that.”

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