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The Discipleship and Assimilation Department  welcomes you to New Creation Christian Fellowship. Our mission, vision and values are as follows:


Mission: Assimilate Visitors to New Membership, Partnership, Stewardship,  and Encourage Spiritual Growth.  


Vision: Minister the Love of God, with the Spirit of God in Excellence. 

Values: Compassionate, Committed and Caring   


This Department provides Services the following five (5) distinct areas: 


  • Guest and Member Services 

  • First Touch 

  • Altar Follow-up Ministry 

  • Catch The Vision (CTV) 

  • Sunday School  


You are very important to us, and we want you to know that you are part the family! New Creation Christian Fellowship serves San Antonio and the surrounding areas by bringing the message of  Healing and Hope through the uncompromising Word of God.


Regardless of race, religious or social background, everyone is important to God and the New Creation Christian Fellowship family. You will always find an open heart, a listening ear and hands that are ready to serve. Our goal is to give you more than just a religious experience, but to give you a life changing relationship with the Lord Jesus Christ. We desire to equip you with the Word of God to prepare you for the purpose in which God has created you so that you can prosper.


Thank you for joining us on the journey of spiritual growth and your commitment to partner with NCCF in the Great Commission..


Never has there been, neither is there now, nor will there ever be another you or another me; and in our lifetime, we are called to Transform Lives Through Jesus Christ.  


With Sincere Gratitude and Love,


Elder Elect Annette Benging

New Creation Christian Fellowship


Guest and Members Services is designed to lead our Guest and Members into a growing relationship with Jesus Christ by ensuring every person who attends New Creation Christian Fellowship (NCCF) has a remarkable experience. 

At Guest and Member Services, we believe that your ability to CONNECT and COMMUNICATE with NCCF is paramount.   At NCCF, we offer you these Services: 


The First Touch Ministry serves everyone who enters into God’s house by facilitating the ultimate experience in ministry and worship. Our vision is to provide guests with an utmost Christ-like

hospitality experience during every encounter.

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