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A Joyous Celebration: Worship Live Holiday Tour Kicks Off at New Creation Christian Fellowship

On November 29, NCCF came alive with the melodious voices and uplifting performances of gospel music's finest during the Worship Live Holiday Concert. The stage was graced by an ensemble of remarkable artists, including Fred Hammond, Todd Dulaney, VaShawn Mitchell, James Fortune, and Anthony Brown. Each of them collectively ushered in an unforgettable worship experience for the hundreds of attendees.

The concert was a collaborative effort between our pastors, Archbishop David M. Copeland and Pastor Emerita Claudette A. Copeland, along with Pastor Ray Brown of Resurrection Baptist Church. It was a testament to the power of unity and the joy of shared worship. The event drew in a diverse crowd from across the city, creating a harmonious blend of voices in praise.

The highlight of the evening was undoubtedly the soul-stirring performances by the renowned lineup of gospel artists. Fred Hammond, a living legend, set the stage on fire with his powerful vocals. His timeless classics, such as “We’re Blessed,” and “You Are the Living Word,” have been a source of inspiration for generations. The audience was sure to sing along to each of his hits. Todd Dulaney, VaShawn Mitchell, James Fortune, and Anthony Brown advanced the atmosphere of worship with their anointing, creating an environment that blessed the hearts of everyone present.

Throughout the concert, the audience was transported to a place of joy, reflection, and ultimate praise. The fusion of traditional and contemporary gospel classics resonated with attendees of all ages, making the Worship Live Holiday Tour a truly intergenerational celebration.

We are grateful to our pastors, Pastor Brown, and the others involved for bringing this extraordinary event to our beloved San Antonio. Their shared vision for a night of worship, unity, and joy resulted in an event that left a lasting impact on the hearts of those in attendance.

The camaraderie amongst the artists and their genuine connection with the audience added a personal touch to the evening, making it more than just a concert – it was a communal celebration of faith and love.

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