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Sydney Hawkins Impactfully Evangelizes Through Social Media

Forms of evangelism are constantly evolving. In 2022, one of the most common forms of sharing the gospel is through the vehicle of social media. Sydney Hawkins, 22, utilizes Facebook and Instagram to boldly magnify God. The eight-year New Creation member is unashamed to share her wisdom, joy, and light with all who are willing to listen.

Beginning February 2021, Hawkins began recording herself teaching God’s Word. For each video, the Holy Spirit prompts her to speak on a topic. Her determination to remain sensitive to God’s leadership is the key to her success. She even experiences gut feelings and tightening sensations in her stomach, recognizing them as direct signs from the Lord.

That only happens very seldom. So when it does, I make sure I move on it immediately, so that I’m obedient to whatever He tells me to do,” - Sydney Hawkins

She then locates coinciding scriptures, seeking the Lord for the right text to share with her listeners. Once the scriptures are secure and her words are ready, she decides where she’ll record. The settings vary, sometimes being in her room, backyard, or even her car.

Regardless of where Hawkins presses record, her audience is greatly impacted. Multiple people, including strangers, have shared how her teachings are uplifting and insightful. This inspires her to continue expressing what the Lord places on her heart.

“I’m just so grateful to God because it’s touching and reaching people because of what He’s blessed me with,” Hawkins said. “I pray that it reaches somebody, whether I hear from them individually or it’s just an ‘awesome job’ in the comments section.”

One of Hawkins’ favorite videos is focused on pride. 2 Chronicles 26 was the Biblical reference, discussing a portion of King Uzziah’s life. She explains how when King Uzziah was seeking the Lord in everything he did, he prospered. However, once he began disregarding the Lord’s guidance, leprosy plagued him for the rest of his life. Hawkins urged her listeners to remain consistently humble before God, never allowing success to become an idol.

As she continues encouraging others, she is eternally grateful for those who have encouraged her to become such a God-fearing woman. Hawkins recognizes that without her family, friends, and New Creation, she would not be who she is today. She plans to continue sharing the gospel and allowing God to use her as a Kingdom vessel.

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