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Sisterhood Accomplishes Successful Girlfriends Weekend

Sisterhood Ministry Accomplishes Successful Girlfriends Weekend

One of God’s greatest gifts to women is the art of sisterhood. Priceless bonds and friendships are built there, allowing women the opportunity to uniquely connect and identify with one another. New Creation’s Sisterhood Ministry carries the same beliefs, creating a safe space for ladies throughout the congregation.

For Girlfriends Weekend 2022, the theme was, “A New Day for a New Woman: Strength, Sight, and Service.” Sis. Cora Wilkerson was the director, planning each of the outings, solidifying event programs, and leading everything to success. With the help of God, her team members, and the support of her pastors, it was truly a weekend to remember.

The celebrations commenced with a movie screening of, “The Woman King,” on Friday evening. 150 women met at EVO Entertainment in Schertz and packed the theater out completely. Complimentary popcorn and drinks were provided to them, only increasing their anticipation and excitement for the film. Countless praises were raised for, “The Woman King,” and its quality from start to finish. The screening produced an incredible turnout and truly set the tone for the rest of the weekend.

After enjoying the film fellowship, the women’s ministry served the community on Saturday. They attended Haven for Hope downtown, packaging lunches for those in need. With the shifts being four hours long, they were truly making differences in the lives of those they may never even come in contact with. The hours spent at the food bank were truly special, as New Creation believes in serving the less fortunate with hearts of gratitude, sincerity, and kindness.

By the time Sunday morning came, women from across the city of San Antonio were ready to celebrate the Lord together. While they were encouraged to dress in purple, blue, or green, the most desired characteristic to arrive with was a heart of worship. The women’s choir was composed of 50 voices that sang with skill, gladness, and conviction all the way through.

Once the choir finished their last selection, the congregation was blessed through Dr. Jazz Sculark. Licensed to preach in 1992, she is no stranger to leading others deeper into God’s Word. Dr. Sculark is currently the lead pastor at Victory Grace Center in Bladensburg, Maryland. On Sunday morning, she preached from Esther 4:12-17, dissecting the powerful story of Esther. She connected it to both “A New Day for a New Woman,” and, “The Woman King.” Dr. Jazz’s message was indeed a striking one, encouraging all to walk in their God given power, wisdom, and grace.

Once service concluded, the women headed over to Live Oak’s Hilton Garden Inn for the luncheon. This was the first luncheon in years, so it was thoroughly fulfilling for everyone to be reunited in that space again. Joyful fellowship, tasty food, and intriguing raffle prizes were all present amongst those who attended. Mrs. Brandy Rodriguez was the guest speaker, sharing experiences that led her to overcoming $137,000 in debt within five years. She imparted much wisdom and knowledge to each woman present, encouraging all ages to pursue their financial goals wholeheartedly.

At each event throughout the weekend, God’s presence was felt undeniably. Laughs were shared, tears were shed, encouragement was provided, and so much more. New Creation’s Sisterhood Ministry is uniquely special and looks forward to all that God will continue doing through them. Pastor Emerita Copeland consistently expressed appreciation for each leader and attendee, thankful for such an impactful weekend.

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