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Rhonda Brown Shares Her Ministry at Johannesburg Orphanage

As the author of two children’s books, God has allowed Rhonda Brown’s work to carry international impact. Both “Creation That’s Me,” (2020) and “Created to Be, Yes It’s Me!,” (2021) have reached many across the world, including South African children. During her trip to the breathtakingly beautiful country in September, Brown was provided the opportunity to read and minister to young people at a Johannesburg orphanage. It was an unforgettable experience that only God could have orchestrated.

On that sunny day, Brown read “Creation That’s Me” to more than 30 children and presented them each with a signed copy. This was truly special to her, believing the book’s intended message would bless readers instantly.

“I felt like I was empowering them by giving them the books,” Brown said. “They can go and read even if they thought they couldn’t do it or couldn’t make it. They can see Black kids just like them and know they’re special.”

Brown’s main hope is that children will realize their worth and identity in Christ while reading her words. Towards the end of her time at the orphanage, Brown had an unforgettable exchange with one of the young girls present. The 8-year-old approached her, asked a few inquisitive questions, and embraced Brown with a loving hug.

After sharing impactful encouragement, Brown prayed a simple yet powerful prayer over her. That specific encounter further assisted Brown in realizing how God had anointed her for that moment in time.

As an appreciation gift for the books, the children taught a game to Brown and the other visitors present. Everyone stood in a circle and mimicked the body movement of whoever was in the center. While chanting, clapping, laughing, and enjoying the opportunity to be creative, both the children and adults were thrilled. Happiness filled the room, and Brown left the orphanage tremendously grateful and fulfilled.

Through memorable moments and trips like these, Brown recognizes those who strengthen her to walk boldly in her God-given purpose. She honors her husband, family, friends, and pastors for their encouragement through the years. Specifically, Pastor Emerita Copeland’s voice has played a great role in Brown’s success today.

“She was very instrumental by telling me there was more in me than what I was putting out. She continued telling me that all these years,” Brown said. “So to hear her say she’s proud of me today, that means a whole lot.”

Brown continuously thanks God for leading her to New Creation in 1986, for the church has surely impacted her life ever since.

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Gungfu G. Superme
Gungfu G. Superme
Dec 03, 2022

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