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If you have Windows 10, the email will default to Windows 10 email.  Members should link an existing email account a separate 

Windows 10 email account to be able to click on the picture to get to the staff email.​


  1. When you get the "Create an account" or "Choose the account" message, click cancel.

  2. It will take to you Windows 10 email.

  3. Go to the bottom left and click on settings (looks like a wheel).

  4. Look on the right and click - Manage Accounts

  5. Choose "Add an account"

  6. Choose which email platform you want to use (Gmail, Yahoo, Outlook, etc.)

  7. Put in your regularly used email address and password when prompted.

  8. The system will then walk you through setting it up.

Once finished you will see an email pop up that has your email address in the "From" and the person you selected in the "To" section.​

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