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In this post covid season, the ‘culture has reopened’. But some of us are still dragging old pain into today.


Adults struggle to manage and reorder our lives, and frankly it has not been easy. Life has HURT us all in some way. And what hurts adults, can devastate young folks.


The losses and sorrows of the past months have not disappeared. If anything, they have gone underground to fester and deepen. Parents, grandparents, spouses, and beloved friends died. Living arrangements got disrupted. Homes and jobs were lost.  And so many became secret victims in the isolation and aloneness of our homes…and we ran.


If you are a teen who feels like you are secretly struggling, if you’re disoriented, or feel like you’re almost DROWNING, come with us!

If you know a friend, student, or family member who has a broken heart and is making poor decisions, bring them with you … and come. 


If you have started your healing journey but need a “prayerful-push” to go on, we have a space for you! Come!!!


We pause to give YOU attention. Just. Come.

AGES 12 - 18
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