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Greetings NCCF Family,


In an effort to maximize our Facebook live videos and share the Gospel with as many people as possible, we wanted to show you how you can host your very own watch party from your personal Facebook page!


Watch Parties from your Facebook page allow you and your friends and followers to watch, discuss and react to videos together, in real time while the live video is happening.  It's important to note that you can only do a Watch Party once New Creation has gone live. For example, if you are trying to host a Watch Party for Wednesday Night Bible Study and it starts at 7:00pm, you would have to wait to begin your party until 7:00pm, when the program begins.


Here are the steps to create a watch party from your Facebook page:

  1. Head to and sign into your account.

  2. Once you're logged in you will see your newsfeed and at the very top you should see a box with Create Post at the top and "What's on your mind?" in the center of the box.

  3. Click in the box and you're box should now open. Under the box you should see the dot's in the right hand corner. 

  4. Click [...] to find more options. 

  5. Click Watch Party.

  6. You will then see a new box open up with Add Videos in bold at the top and a search bar right underneath. In the search box type "New Creation Christian Fellowship" and click on the New Creation that comes up (it's the full name of the church).

  7. Once you do that, the New Creation live video should be shown at the very top.

  8. Click Add to Queue next to the live video, to begin playing the video on your personal Facebook page.  

  9. Click Done.

  10. You can add a title and a description for your watch party. Note that this can only be done from a computer not a cell phone. 

  11. Click Post. You'll see a message that says “Your Watch party Is About To Begin.”

Your friends will automatically be invited to join your Watch Party via direct notifications or a post in their News Feed!


We hope this helps and look forward to seeing you and your friends on our Facebook feeds.

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