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For the 2022-2023 school year,  we would love to honor each of our scholars, faculty, and staff in person in true NCCF fashion, we will not miss the opportunity to celebrate you all!

This year we are giving the congregation an opportunity to join in! All NCCF members will have the opportunity to “Adopt- A- Graduate”. You will be matched with a graduate (high level or higher) and be given their graduate profile in order to present them with a gift of love on Sunday, May 26th. Bishop and Pastor Emerita Copeland will also be present to congratulate and take pictures with everyone in attendance. 

We will have a service focused on Academic Excellence and Achievement with a keynote speakers and special ceremony for all faculty, staff, and students who have successfully completed the schoolyear. NO matter what age, grade, trade, or title, we invite you to submit your academic or notable achievements!

Click Below to Register Now or to Adopt-A-Scholar

 Graduate Pop-Up

( High School, College, Trade School, Ph.D, etc.) 


( High School, College, Trade School, Ph.D, etc.) 

Academic Achievement

Any and all scholars, faculty, and staff

Register below as a graduate honoree for our Graduate Pop Up on S.O.A.R Sunday (BEFORE SERVICE). Those that are registered will be honored that Saturday as well have the option to be "Adopted" by a member of the church to congratulate you and your accomplishments. 

Sign up to adopt and celebrate a graduate! Graduates will be honored on S.O.A.R Sunday(BEFORE SERVICE) where you will be able to present your gift

Submit academic or notable achievements for Academic Ceremony during service

*Please note, this is a separate application form the Graduate Pop-Up

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