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For God said, “Man is not meant to be alone.” Life Groups… Doing Life on LIFE.


Life Groups are New Creation’s way of providing further community and building intentional relationship amongst

all people.

In our Life Group’s we are….


Our Life Groups spend time investing into one another’s

lives spiritually, mentally, emotionally, and physically to

ensure we are becoming all that Christ has called us to be.



Our Life Group members challenge one another to be

whole people. We desire for all people in our life groups to

continue to discover their personal identity and be willing

to share themselves authentically in a group context.



Our Life Groups build strong relationships amongst its

members and come together to enjoy the company of one

another through various activities.



Our Life Groups are intentional about serving others and

the community around us.


Our Life Groups engage and encourage one another in

living a lifestyle of worship and continuing to grow in the

things of God.

 Please email: for further

information on our Life Groups!


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