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The Daughters of Destiny mentoring program of New Creation Christian fellowship would like to formally invite you to meet us every 2nd and 4th Saturday of the month for open and transparent dialogue.

What is the Daughters of Destiny?

We are a mentoring program catering to teenage girls to help guide them not only in their spiritual walk, but also in their daily walk in life. 

We will be covering a variety of topics such as BAE, RELATIONSHIP GOALS, S.E.X., QUEENIN, GET IN WHERE YOU FIT IN (Gender identity/Gender Roles), SHADE, FIFTY SHADES OF BLACK (Colorism), DO IT FOR THE LIKES, NICE FOR WHAT (bullying), WHILE WE’RE YOUNG, SECURE THE BAG AND I CHOOSE ME.

These are sessions you do NOT want to miss. So if you are within the ages of 14-18, we would love for you to come hangout with us for some good ol’ girl chat!

Invite your friends, family members, classmates or neighbors and lets empower one another as girlfriends!

If you would like to participate in the program, please contact Erica Hannah or Jamisha Gaillard for more information. We hope to see you there!

For more info, please contact

Elder Chanel Young Pope,

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